backing the companies

of tomorrow.

backing the companies

of tomorrow.

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Who we are

Our company motto is "backing the companies of tomorrow."

Simply put, our job is to help great entrepreneurs building great companies. Over the years, we have built an international network of entrepreneurs, executives, large technology companies, governments, service providers, VC's, and fund investors to ensure that we support The Creandum funds’ portfolio companies in every way possible. Building companies is our favourite occupation.

What we do

The Creandum funds invest in the best innovative and fast-growing companies, companies that can change industries and are led by the people that make it happen.

The Creandum funds initial investment can be as small as a couple of hundred thousand euros and can go up to 10 million euros over the life cycle of a company. The Creandum funds have invested in companies before they incorporated as well as in companies with tens of millions of euros in revenue. Once the Creandum funds invest in a company we take an active role as advisor and all of our team contributes with time, expertise, and extensive networks to help the company succeed.

Our focus

Our ambition is to help build market leaders within consumer, software and hardware.

People with vision. People that lead. People that believe in "already done" instead of "will do". People that are obsessed by creating extraordinary things. Companies that impact, shape, and disrupt markets. Often with a global market opportunity and strong international focus from day one.

Our approach

Our approach is straightforward - we are your partner and service provider.

We have an uncomplicated operating style that is direct and results-driven. We have very high ambitions. The Creandum funds will not invest unless the entrepreneurs share this ambition.

Our services

We aim to be the entrepreneurs’ best partner.

We help the portfolio companies of the Creandum funds with recruiting, advisory boards, office spaces and all sorts of great leads to help them building and growing their businesses. Our network covers the globe, which leaves us with the possibility of helping the portfolio companies of the Creandum funds with pretty much everything.

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