If you’re into reading about start-ups and entrepreneurs in the Nordic and Baltic region, you have most likely come across Arctic Startup, the closest to TechCrunch we have in our region.

In addition to doing an excellent job with their blog, the people behind Arctic Startup also organize Arctic Evenings, an event where entrepreneurs, VCs and other people interested in startups get together and network.

Tonight I attented their event in central Helsinki and it was a very positive experience. In addition to ample network opportunities, there was also a panel debate with a group of very experienced people discussing startup financing. Here’s some more information about the event and the speakers.

A great initiative which seems very popular with the entrepreneurs, tonight’s event of a hundred seats was filled very quickly. So far, they have held events in Helsinki and Talinn, but the plan is to bring the events also to Stockholm (in beginning of April) and other Nordic countries. Well worth checking out!