Kry fills in all the boxes of our healthcare checklist

Fredrik Cassel

Bots & Messaging – fake it ’til you make it

Fredrik Cassel

What we learned about expanding to the U.S. from C BAR Copenhagen

Bjarke Staun-Olsen

The Nordics in context: The Creandum Exits Report

Daniel Blomquist

What I learned sitting next to the Creandum data scientist for 3 months

Sabina Wizander

In startups, sometimes things aren’t meant to be

Staffan Helgesson

Software is eating the world; humans are eating food — Looking into European FoodTech funding.

Carl Fritjofsson

Work hands-on in venture capital at a Creandum Internship

Should you be running Retrospectives? Here’s how Forza Football runs theirs.

Joel Eriksson Enquist

What Creandum learned from an intense five days in Tel Aviv

Staffan Helgesson

Groceries beyond Europe

Carl Fritjofsson

Funding Distribusion and taking tech everywhere

Breaking down your REVs

Carl Fritjofsson

STHLM Tech and SXSW: Meet Creandum this week

How can entrepreneurs get the most out of SXSW? Johan Brand shares his strategy

Joel Eriksson Enquist

NYC vs. SF: How do you decide what’s right for your US Expansion?

Carl Fritjofsson

Creandum IV – committed to early stage

Staffan Helgesson

The Creandum Newsletter – now out

Sabina Wizander

Creandum adds two new members to the investment advisory team

Johan Brenner

Creandum exits Cint: What any entrepreneur can learn about building a B2B leader

Fredrik Cassel

Creandum welcomes William James as our in-house data scientist

Johan Brenner

Expansion part 3: now you’re in it.

Carl Fritjofsson

The importance of Aircraft Carriers

Johan Brenner

Expansion part 2: As you move.

Carl Fritjofsson

A note to this year’s Slush participants: don’t be humble

Daniel Blomquist

Expansion part 1: Before you go.

Carl Fritjofsson

[Insert title here]

Carl Fritjofsson

Crash and build.

Carl Fritjofsson


Carl Fritjofsson

Carl Fritjofsson is back at Creandum as Venture Partner

Johan Brenner

Despite Shunning VC, Football Addicts Picks Up Secondary Investment From Creandum

A marquee year for Venture capital – but when is the crises coming?

Performing at your Peak

Daniel Blomquist

Nordic Tech is on fire – almost 10% of global BUSD exits over past 10 years

Daniel Blomquist

Highlights from Future of Mobile Technology meetup

Accel Partners invests in KnCMiner – 16nm tape-out completed

Staffan Helgesson

Some thoughts on why Creandum is leading Neo Technology’s new $20million investment

Daniel Blomquist

Ooyala Buys Euro Video Ad Startup Videoplaza In Its First Acquisition

Employee incentives in Sweden — A Startup’s guide

Fredrik Cassel

WiFi Sharing Community Instabridge Wants To Become Your Phone’s Default WiFi Manager

A Day in the Life of a Venture Capitalist – is this you?

KnC: The payment processor of the 21st century

Staffan Helgesson

KnCMiner Raises $14 Million To Take Bitcoin Mining To The Moon

Staffan Helgesson

Autobutler secures additional €5.8M from Index Ventures and Creandum

Meet Staffan at Almedalen

Staffan Helgesson

Epidemic Sound: As disruptive as it gets

Staffan Helgesson

Nordic investment activity historically high

Planday: Strong team, large and unexploited market and very happy customers

Johan Brenner

Surfing in the USA

Johan Brenner

Don’t miss Startup Day 2014! Special promo code for our friends

Joel Eriksson Enquist

Why the Creandum funds had to do the first US investment

Daniel Blomquist

Come join us at STHLM TECH MEETUP this Monday!

Joel Eriksson Enquist

318 records and counting – the bitcoin database is now available for everyone

Joel Eriksson Enquist

Autobutler and the Creandum fund’s investment criteria

Xeneta – we love shipping

Why we are investing in Vivino

Let’s talk about the exit

We have invested in It’s Learning

Venture in 25 years

Tech Tour Nordic June 15-17

Johan Brenner joins our team

Thoughts from the US

Seedcamp & 10 good tips on building a great company

FutureMoney in Helsinki

Explanation of VC terms

VC blogging

Being a VC in the Nordics – commented

Being a VC in the Nordics

The importance of an ecosystem

The Top Ten Lies of Venture Capitalists

Good question

Getting out of the office

There is money in social networks – at least if you’re Facebook or MySpace

Increasing the value of a company

Valuation of a startup – part 2

The News Dots

Valuation of a startup

Skype to be acquired from eBay

Creandum makes first Norwegian investment

The ownership plan

Some stats from Swedish VC-market


Can entrepreneurship be taught?

Creandum invests in Nanoradio

Time to apply for Seedcamp week

Who’s the VC’s customer?

Joost – Among the living dead


Sweden Social Web Camp

We are a great team, trust us!

Open Entrepreneurship

Can you afford to provide poor customer service?

Qualcomm Ventures offers $500000 in business plan competition

Should you bet on the jockey or the horse?

Meet Henrik Torstensson, Sorosh Tavakoli, Ted Valentin & Ville Vesterinen on June 10

Contacting the right VC… Part 2

Contacting the right VC and contacting the right VC in the right way

Back from Mini Seedcamp

Microsoft goes Real-time. Really late and with a strange twist.

Investing in cycles

Oracle to acquire SUN – What will happen to MySQL?

Have you signed up for Mini Seedcamp?

Your most important skill

Success breeds success

Red Herring 100

Google Venture Capital – the real FAQs


When to raise money? When you can!

Why are VC investments down?

How to get acquired by IBM

More activity on the investment front, Danish GoViral raises €6.5M

But an upround is still an upround….

Congrats to Spotify, Videoplaza & Edgeware!

Sweden’s hottest new web entrepreneurs?

The status of internet advertising

Why Sweden rules the web… at least according to The Independent

ArcticEvening coming to Stockholm

Software exit market is not dead, but valuations drop

The down-round is the new up-round. Unless you’re in Web 2.0.

ZillionTV coming out off stealth mode

An Arctic Evening in Helsinki

Index raises another EUR 350M for early stage deals, worldwide

Congratulations Spotify: now >1 M users

23% of Europe’s largest software companies are from Nordics

Drop in European venture activity

Mobile World Congress 2009

Europe as Exit Market for US online ventures? Not really.

Five Missteps to Avoid in Volatile Times

Finnish Eniram raises €5M

Pitching a freemium business model? Read this first!

Sometimes, you’re not invited

Creandum in 2008

Paris internet intelligentia

Le Web ’08

Slush 2008

On my way to Slush 2008