Just ahead of the summer vacation, we have together with Viking Venture joined existing investors in the Swedish semiconductor company Nanoradio. As part of the deal, Imsys‘ (one of our portfolio companies) solutions for precise synchronization of distributed networks will be merged with Nanoradio.

We are really excited about the possibility to join in as investors in Nanoradio. We have followed the company for several years and have always been impressed with the technology. Lately they have also been very successful on the customer side forging important relationships with major mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung. Nanoradio has also managed to get design-ins with major mobile and wireless device platforms, which is a very important factor when you are selling hardware or components to mobile phone manufacturers.

Nanoradio has developed a unique WLAN chipset making high-speed wireless access available in portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, cameras and mediaplayers. Key features includes ultra low power consumption, smallest size as well as a unique support for audio applications. The cool thing is that it allows for always having the WiFi-functionality switched on, something that kills your battery in notime with other solutions (try for example the iPhone). The market for this is potentially huge with the number of WiFi-enabled devices amounting to several hundred millions and growing rapidly.

Here’s the press release.