A nice thing with the summer break is that it provides time to read up on things. One of the books I read this summer was Free – The Future of a Radical Price by Chris Anderson.

Although most of the content is well known to people familiar with the web, open source, and social media, it is still a great read. In addition to giving some perspective on the development of free as a marketing tool, Chris provides an excellent overview of the various business models associated with a free offering. Even more importantly, he really invites the reader to think about free as an inevitable business model as marginal costs head towards zero. Basically anything digital delivered over the internet could be offered as free in one form or another. Thus it is important for any company to think about a) what should we do if someone adopts a free model and b) is there an interesting business around a free model that we could take advantage of ourselves.

The book is available for free at Spotify as an audiobook and for example at Chris’s Wired blog.