I read a really inspiring article today in Dagens Industri with young entrepreneur Diana Svensk. She’s 20 years old and is running her own company making cool knitted hats (something we definitely need here in the Nordics). Although she admits it’s tough being a young entrepreneur, she seems to have that wonderful combination of energy, drive and will to make things happen. Keep up the spirit and best of luck!

Thorugh the article, I also got to know about a network called YEOS (Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden).

Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden is a nationwide network with the purpose to connect, educate and inspire young entrepreneurs in the age between 18 and 30 years.

The network was founded to be an accelerator helping young achievers learn and grow through social interaction and collaboration, breeding business success and enriching private life. The network’s members, Sweden’s foremost young entrepreneurs, control the agenda of the network through their share in the legal cooperative.

Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden arranges regional activities around the country on a regular basis as well as one bigger event yearly. Common for the activities is the fact that they gather Sweden’s most ambitious young people for networking, experience exchange and inspiration. Activities of the network are mainly financed by partners and project assignments.

This kind of stuff makes me really happy, what a great initiative!