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Norstel is a world leading provider of Silicon Carbide semiconductor wafers for power components, high frequency electronics, high temperature electronics and sensors. The company uses the unique patented HTCVD (High Temperature Chemical Vapor Deposition) technology.

Power electronics is and will remain one of the key systems for the introduction of all types of hybrid vehicles. Although the semiconductor components used in power electronics are currently based on silicon wafers, silicon carbide (SiC) wafers, Norstel’s area of specialization, offer many advantages over ordinary silicon wafers.

Silicon carbide wafers operate at much higher temperatures and withstand ten times the voltage of silicon, offer the same thermal conductivity as copper, additionally have faster switching and can be produced in smaller dimensions than the same component made from silicon.

One tangible advantage is that they enable the use of air-cooling in most applications that currently require water-cooling. Since SiC wafers are able to withstand a much higher power density and take up less space, they could also be utilized when designing components and subsystems.