Team Kry and eager patients


Most consumer service areas have already been transformed by technology, but as a relative latecomer you can easily see health care will undergo massive changes in the coming years. I don’t think any of us can wait – so much time, value and agony is just waiting to be saved.  We have been following the space closely and met tens if not hundreds of companies, many with interesting ambitions in changing the healthcare experience.

Until meeting Stockholm-based Kry, our checklist hasn’t been filled. This is what we’ve been looking for:

A team putting the consumer experience first. This means meeting users and patients on their own terms. Providing an efficient and predictable experience. Mobile focused. Not complex. Quick and adaptive. Loved by users.

Frugality. Transforming the healthcare market will take time. The time until proper reimbursement for the general consumer is widespread may be long. Awaiting this kind of structural adaption with a high burn-rate will kill the best product team.

Just enough healthcare experience. Using Kry as an example this means wide enough to understand the priorities and what a virtual doctor’s meeting is best suited for. But also not so wide and influential that the company holds back the product ambition to realize the efficiency gains that the new platforms hold, such as video, text, and artificial intelligence.

Creandum has now found a team that checks all these boxes and – also important – together with Index Ventures and Project A a syndicate of investors that can really make the best of this opportunity.

Very exciting times ahead. Stay tuned for more news from Creandum and Kry!