According to Alarm:Clock, Danish firm GoViral has raised €6.5 million from Kennet Partners. GoViral is a viral marketing agency which provides seeding and tracking of viral marketing campaigns (primarily video content).

This is positive news for several reasons. Firstly, it is one of the larger Nordic start-up rounds in recent times. Secondly, it is encouraging that an international investor is willing to invest in the Nordics at a point in time when most investors don’t invest outside their domestic markets. And finally, although no other details were disclosed about the deal, the deal size could indicate a decent valuation (although it of course potentially could be made up by tranches and milestones).

So does this mean that things are heating up again with capital inflow, increased deal sizes and valuations?

Not necessarily. Although GoViral was founded less than four years ago (thus still a start-up by age), it was profitable and had revenues of 21 million DKK in 2007 (probably higher in 2008 since profits soared from 2.5 million DKK in 2007 to 8.7 million DKK in 2008).