Many of us go for the occasional run or visit the gym to stay in good physical shape but what can we do to keep our brain in shape so that it performs at its highest potential? The answer is Peak.

Peak is the world’s leader in mobile brain training and its mission is to maximize human potential through interactive training experiences.

Brain training is booming and we are very happy to announce that the Creandum fund is leading Peak’s $7 million Series A with participation from existing investors DN Capital, London Venture Partners, and Qualcomm Ventures.

We’ve known the founding team for several years; a team that combines significant startup experience with leading roles at companies such as PlayFish, Google, and Amazon. We have been incredibly impressed by their achievements to date – so impressed that we recommended the Creandum fund to make its first ever investment in the UK.

Strong founders have the ability to recruit strong individuals and this is one of the most important aspects we evaluate teams on. At Peak, this is very much the case; the team is outstanding, extremely diverse and includes people with world-class technology, product and neuroscience experience.

Peak addresses an area that we believe strongly in – that people are increasingly looking for ways to track and improve their performance and doing so with mobile-first solutions. The product’s performance is very strong, demonstrated by exceptionally high app store rankings, high retention and conversion, and heavily engaged users that absolute love the game-like experience the Peak team has created. Furthermore, the team is data driven and are using analytic insights to continuously improve key metrics.

All in all, Peak is a great example of what Creandum is looking for when it comes to consumer services – a stellar team with a big vision that executes and recruits well, a great product that users love and engage with in a market with mass-consumer potential.