Every year SVCA puts together a report of VC & PE-related activities from which I have picked out a few interesting data points.

Although total amount invested from Swedish VC-offices (into all geographies) went down in 2008, the amount invested in startup companies was at its highest amount ever. The investments in startups have actually gone up pretty steadily since 2001 whereas expansion and seed investments are much more tightly connected to the economic situation (click for larger picture).

It could also be interesting to look at how much as been invested in Swedish companies independently of from where the money came. Here the development is quite unambiguous with investments increasing also in 2008 despite the financial crisis.

Finally, an interesting point is to look at what happens to the various investments, i.e. what is the hit rate for VC-backed companies.

To simplify, in 57% of the exists, the VCs made a relevant exit meaning that it sold its shares to an external party. This is actually a bit higher than I had expected; it will be interesting to look at the numbers for 2009.

The case of selling back to founders can be a relevant exit but often it is a sign of that it was not possible to sell the company to anyone else.