Kåre Moberg at Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy (who was organizing the Mini Seedcamp in Helsingborg some time ago) notified me about the Sweden Social Web Camp event which aims to be the web equivalent of Woodstock. Kåre writes:

There will be a terrific event at Tjärö, Blekinge on August 21 – 23 that I would like to tip you about, because most of you are in the ICT-business. Sweden Social Web Camp will gather more than 200 ICT-entrepreneurs and social media enthusiasts. We have arranged with a free bussride from Öresund because it’s quite hard to get there by train. We hope that there will be arranged with a correspondent bussride from Stockholm.

I think it is a really cool initiative and there seems to be quite a number of people signed up already. Having visited Tjärö on a number of field trips when I grew up I can vouch for that it’s really beautiful and will be a wonderful location for this event.