Last week announced their list of Sweden’s 25 hottest new web entrepreneurs (Swedish only but pretty easy to understand anyway). The published list so far only includes place 2-25 but the winner has been published separately. New in terms of that they haven’t been on the list before (since quite few have been at it for several years) and hot in terms of their likelihood of being successful during 2009.

Success is hard to measure in early stages of a company but going back to last year’s list actually reveals a pretty good hit rate. Quite a few companies have developed positively, at least a handful have raised capital from VCs and business angels (including Spotify, Bambuser, Videoplaza, Tailsweep, Xcerion, Yubico, Momail and probably more) and at least one was acquired (Viewserve). Hopefully, this year’s bunch will be able to defy the tough financial climate and develop their ideas and companies further.

By the way, are there similar initiatives in the other Nordic countries?