There are many reasons why US has been more successful than Europe in producing fast-growing startups and good returns for investors. And although Europe has caught up the last years, it still falls behind the US in terms of having a well-functioning ecosystem of investors.

Ultimately, we’re all in one way or another striving for the same thing – building great companies. To support this, it is important to have a well-functioning ecosystem of investors ranging from angel to late-stage investors.

The system must have money AND liquidity in all phases. That’s why I really dig the initiative of ArcticStartup to include angel investors in their ArcticIndex database. Angels are often the best resource for startups in the very early stages. In pretty much all of our investments, we have either invested together with angels or provided follow-on investment for companies that already have angel investors.

So, I hope that angels and entrepreneurs can meet more easily through ArcticIndex!