Ville Vesterinen at Arctic Startup notified me on Facebook about an article by Tim Walker in The Independent called Why Sweden rules the web where Stockholm is heralded as the world’s new digital capital.

The article is centered around the Pirate Bay trial and the Spotify launch but also covers other Sweden-related web business/services including Skype, Stardoll, Tradedoubler, Joost, Headweb, and Kazaa (even though a few are left out such as Rebtel, as well as the whole gaming scene).

But the article is also unbashingly (and uncritically) promoting anything Swedish and goes on to explain that technology adaptation is in the Swedish genes using very ad-hoc and simplified indicators such as that Stockholm had more telephones than London and Berlin in 1900, the heroine of a recent movie release is a young computer hacker (have we not seen that in the US for at least 10-15 years?) or that the royal family announced an engagement through a web clip on the royal website (the Obama campaign anyone?). It also forgets to point out that some of the companies were more Nordic than Swedish including Stardoll and Skype/Kazaa/Joost.

Anyway, it is well worth a read and no doubt excellent PR for Sweden and Swedish web entrepreneurs, and perhaps worth using as part of a pitch to international journalists.