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Creandum Invested
Creandum Partner


Principal, Stockholm

After carving a entrepreneurial career through the early days of Fintech and Machine learning, Bjarke joined the Creandum team in 2015.

After starting his career at Goldman Sachs, Bjarke co-founded Alipes Capital in 2008. Alipes is a technology company that never left stealth, as it became profitable very fast, has grown organically and has a very specialized product. The company uses machine learning and natural language processing to automatically read financial news and generate insights about the stock market. The company has about 20 employees in Copenhagen, most of them machine learning, physics and computer science PhDs.

"Be ridiculously picky about your cofounders. You should only start a company with people who are so smart, and obviously so much better at some things than you are, that you're a little bit afraid of them."

After running Alipes for 6 years, Bjarke left active management to his two co-founders in 2014, and is now a proud board member and shareholder. He then ran Vaniday in Berlin, a Rocket Internet funded global beauty and wellness marketplace, before joining Creandum.

"Know when to be unreasonable. There is a strong correlation between the number of uncomfortable conversations you are willing to have and how much you accomplish."

At Creandum, Bjarke spends a lot of time on Fintech as well as the machine learning and AI space.