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Creandum Invested
Creandum Partner


General Partner, Stockholm

Fredrik is one Europe’s most experienced investors and one of the most trusted advisors to the Creandum portfolio companies.

At Creandum, Fredrik has led the first institutional rounds of financing in several companies that have grown to dominate their respective markets, among others Cint, Spotify and Videoplaza. Focusing on b2b- and b2c companies disrupting large markets, often with marketplace models, he also leads Creandum’s work with Xeneta, Kahoot!, Soundtrack Your Brand, Kry and depop. His previous engagements include 13th Lab (exited to Facebook) and Autobutler (exited to PSA Group).

“Individual tech solutions become obsolete much quicker than we think, but what’s important are companies’ abilities to attract top tech talent and stay ahead of the curve on tech and product..”

In the internet middle ages, before Fredrik joined Creandum, he ran the largest online search service in the Nordics at Scandinavia Online. Earlier he was part of the team launching 20 Minuten – a free daily newspaper – in Cologne, Germany.

“Tech is often an important component for startups to disrupt the market or change the game, but it is only those companies that can transcend the advantage that the tech delivers and build a stellar mix of product, marketing, brand and a superior growth engine that succeed big.”

Fredrik has lived and worked in Germany, France, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden. He is a Kauffman Fellow, has got a degree in engineering physics but is currently re-learning programming on codeacademy.