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Creandum Invested
Creandum Partner


Principal, Berlin

Simon is a developer by heart and a venture capitalist by mind. German born, Simon gained operational experience building three companies for Rocket Internet, as well as investment experience with Earlybird Venture Capital.

Based in Singapore, Simon established Foodpanda, operating across eight countries in Southeast Asia as a global founder and CFO. Relying on his own entrepreneurial experience and an extensive background in web development, Simon then helped to launch Paymill as Chief Product Officer, an online payment service provider for developers. Shortly after, Simon moved to New York City to launch the North America expansion of HelloFresh as CEO and establish the business.

"As long as there is no data, decision making is gut feeling. Gut feeling is important, but don’t be surprised if you are wrong. Track everything early and it will help you make better decisions later.”

Simon then joined Earlybird Venture Capital in Berlin for 2 ½ years, where he lead the investments in Number26 and others, before joining Creandum in early 2016.

"Compromising on hiring never works. It is that simple. Only hire people that can overdeliver.”

Simon holds a Bachelor degree from the University of Münster and a Master from the University of St. Gallen – with international experience in Virginia and Toronto.