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Creandum Invested
Creandum Partner


General Partner, Stockholm

Staffan is one of the key thought leaders on the Nordic startup scene and an outspoken supporter of the tech ecosystem. He regularly gets involved in issues regarding entrepreneurship on all levels.

“Creandum are fundamental believers in backing founders that take their companies from idea to IPO.”

Before founding Creandum in 2003 he was a Founder and the Managing Partner at Startupfactory, the first venture investor globally exclusively focused on investments in mobile internet startups. In addition Staffan has extensive management experience from IKEA, Procter & Gamble and McKinsey & Company. With this deep background, Staffan has seen the rise of the Nordic tech scene, which our research has found attributed to half of Europe’s Billion Dollar Exits.

“Some of the coming winners the next decades will come from industries seldom associated with the traditional technology industry. The last couple of years Creandum have invested in bus distribution, wine, food bags, container freight and much more."

Today Staffan works with investments in all of Creandum’s focus areas, with a particular focus on enterprise products and services, as well as helping Creandum’s portfolio companies expand to the US.

Staffan is also an alumni of the first ever international Kauffman Fellows class 10 in 2005.